How Genuine Is Your Marketing?

I hate and love to promote my work.

Do you have a business of your dreams, a product you want everyone to rave about? Or is it something only a selected group of folks should buy for a abacadabrallion? And these folks have this giant amount of doe, so you only need a few lifetime customers….

Well, firstly my own products are digital (record) releases. Music. Secondly my prime affiliate product is the sfm digital entrepreneurship coaching program.

Heck It Is Music!

The music i make was written for english speaking (understanding) people that either like it or not. Heck it is music.

But you maybe know how it is when people ask you about what is is that you are selling. I mean your fellings while explaining it to them.

Comfortable – “Hey what i sell is the best whatever you’ve ever tried compared to this or that what i produce is and will last for eternity in yours and your grand-grand-grand children house and their followup families as well.

Or you go alike “Well it is somewhat useful, if you like this and that, but I’m sure you already found your winner – bye bye for good.

What is your ideal costumer/fan?

and now it is getting everything else but niche’ey – OOD Music is pop,funk,soul,rap,jazz,latin,singer-songwriter,drum and bass,afro-beat,rock,metal,r’n’b, and since i do not know of the many genres my productions (264) of the last 14 years could be put into? Is this really true – that many genres from a one man band hit the 264 to listen ALL 264 songs if you have the time and then write a review or comment about me and what I believe my music can be put into – if you don’t have the time cool!

If you have the time to go through my material go give me your feedback, put my feet back on the grounds of reality and what genre i should never try to touch ever again when spirit wants me to create a song in a style that I can not say what it will be the next time i write, and produce a new song. This is what i will do. Will I care about what you feel and think about it? I WILL HAVE TO!

Will your opinion touch the sound, the lyrics of the next performance, the next video, the next chord and melody?

It will.

Marketing on Facebook an option or pain in the shoe!

I searched for a cdbaby post around facebook marketing for artists, being unsure if there is anything special they would recommend when creating a fb ad. I don’t buy fb ads or post boosts oftently – but keep posting my new songs,videos and gigs to my facebook profile and fan pages.

Anyway, that post i found is well written by W.Tyler an music industry pro writing for cdbaby and helping known and indie to improve their presence,sales,fanbase.

Tip number 8 of 8 tips to increase sales by Brian Tracy did actually kick off this post!

I Need To Know You Well New CD Baby Release and Video

JUMMY GET THE MP3 just now and review it so not only me needs to describe what is music or leave me alone with buying music for this week from all my indie artists friends they are all the kings and queens in music/arts but suck as business people… and just watch the video below!