how to add value to the marketplace

how to add value to the marketplace

Hi, and thanks for being open for my tip on adding value to the marketplace!

Let’s get right into it:

Sharing Experience! Your own experience or experience from another person packed into an ebook, a podcast , interview (Oprah) or book is one thing that will help you become a creator and help others to solve them problems of many kinds!

how to increase your value as a person

First Of all You already are perfect and enough!

Adding value is not about you!

When you educate yourself, get more skills and become super wise, spiritually, mentally, emotional intelligent and what not, if you can’t apply all this to the greater or the smaller good of your social or business environment ( everything is one by the way) than why should you feel the need to grow anyways?

Life by itself wants to grow and that’s fun in every way no matter how painful or joyful!

You choose how you look at this ride no one else but you…

Another tip especially useful when you think you can’t come up with anything of value …

Enter one word into the search Engine Bar And see what comes up.

Next research best answers and create a blog, or report around these answers give credit to the people that have answers this question ( search ) or even contact them for an interview, create a Shorts YouTube Video And Launch! See what happens 🙂

When you need a good and fast way to create a nice landing page click this link yeah and have fun!

Much love and keep rolling!


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