How to create skip able or Video Discovery YouTube Ad in easy 15 steps

Had to learn more about YouTube ads and Watched the video and made notes – so read carefully below and if you love watching videos on YouTube … watch the whole video!!!

Step 1

Enter google ads, click create campaign and click Expert mode 

Step 2

Select: Brand awareness (for skip able ad) but hold on… 

BETTER: product and brand consideration < this allows you to choose an influence consideration!

Step 3

Click Video Ads

Step 4

Select Skipable in screen ads

Step 5

Enter campaign name and budget

Check As soon as possible 

Enter Start and end date – just in case you can’t access the campaign for any reason and to make sure it will stop!

Step 6

In the Networks Table

Select: Show Ad Only on YouTube

BETTER: select search results < for consideration Ad campaign! 

Step 7

Select your preferred language(s) and countries 

Step 8

Select standard In inventory 

Step 9

Give your ad group a name “my awesome sound audience” or “genre audience”

Select demographics 

Tip: check your Spotify Apple Music for Artists, Amazon for artists, YouTube Analytics and other databases to get a good preselected audience already showing interest in your music 

Step 10

Enter your keywords that match your video 

YouTube Analytics and Google Analytics maybe already show you some!

Optional- Step 11

Enter a bands name similar to your sound and get Placements only on those YouTube channels

Step 12

Choose target cpm 

Your Bidding budget per 1000 impressions 

You may start with a high amount and lower the amount after you see how much the click to your video actually cost you.

Step 13

Add the link to your YouTube video!

Use the same url for display and destination-people like to know they stay on the same platform and choose skippable YouTube ad – BETTER: select Discovery Ad!

Tip: If your artist name and title of your new release don’t speak for themselves …come up with video title that describes a mood or a bit of a story about what feeling flows with the song, what scenery, well – what shift your audience will make while watching your video 🙂 People will choose to watch your video all by their own power of decision making!

Final Step

Enter an ad name

“My best track video” and click create campaign!

Let me know how your campaign performed!

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