OOD Music

Hi, on this page you will find some ood music players made with cdbaby, bandcamp and nimbit.

OOD - Music -guit on head- copyright oliver ohene-dokyi 2017

Back in 2006 right after recording the two singer-songwriter albums with drelo the funkstabber

i was able to start recording music at home.

Using a g4 mac, a not for resale copy of logic express a simple akg stage mic, my good old hohner jazz guitar, a good number of free samples and my cort semi-acoustic guitar.

In 2015 i started using a macbook 2007 and a logic x software and a good number of free samples plus a shot bass to keep creating new songs.

Music desires to leave my body and soul no matter what 😉

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For other OOD Albums released on Bandcamp – please visit: https://oodmusic.bandcamp.com/

For OOD NOT released on CD or Bandcamp Nimbit – please visit: http://www.nimbitmusic.com/ood

The music players below contain music produced and performed by oliver ohene-dokyi (ood)
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