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More about this page and my releases:

On this page you will find embedded links, music players of ood’s latest one man band and bedroom studio productions.

Please do not expect hi-end music productions 🙂 I did my best producing the music using my macbook 2007 and elder mac g4,m-audio key station,  the AKG and the Sure microphone, shot bass, various percussions (real or from the free plugins). The hohner pro s35 electric guitar, the cort semi-acoustic guitar, multiple free sample and sound plugins for logic x and logic not for resale music recording program.

On only a few songs i played real drums so far (Album Everything is here for you in 2018).

Songs such as Running Rushing Waiting or Capacity is the first you see below.

In a few songs i used tape recordings of live drums and turned them into samples. On the song I Am So Blind For Examples, found on the album Don’t Get Rich Fool (Track 7 ) played all other drums using the keys of the m-audio key station

Listen to the songs right here and if you like what you hear you should find a buy button and link to the music releasing platform i used to publish the songs.

But if that’s not an option for you now, you can also stream some of my releases here:

Everything is Here for You

To listen to the tracks of this album start the player below


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