Sustainability Video is OUT!

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Why a Song on Sustainability?

The reason for me writing the song may is clear to people that do know me…

I went to an open door day in the hamburg handelskammer back in 2004 starting a business selling my selfburned singer songwriter cd’s on the road and street bla bla – when i asked for details around fair trade and what it means in relation to economics the picture is so much different than thinking about running a business that wants to pay its workers more for the work and even spend more money re-working the exploited environment helping the product to be!

In economics sustainability and fair trade ARE a different thing…

Not that the language and use of the words sustainability or fair trade do join the world of communication in the way mentioned earlier, economists and traders do mostly perform the meaning YOU should now google.

The / My song describes the dependency among people creating jobs and those that that work for the product.

Asking to think about what actually is sustainable in the action and reward to the person a or b.

The myth that people being born in bad to worse living conditions do not perform sustainable or long-lasting results is misunderstood by me or made up by anyone being raised with a silver spoon.

I was raised in a proper environment not having to fear hunger at NO time so like i sing in the song i do not care about if you were born next to the gutter or with a silver spoon.

You and me see, hear and smell when things are unfair – we buy and what we buy makes this world(s) we need to live in! Who produces what with the help of what is up to you and me again. NO DABBLING but changing things to make the working and living conditions of the next generations less aggressive and more sustainable in peace creating habits…

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