To Be Well


My new song and video: To be well!

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To Be Well - Single Cover Art by Oliver Ohene-Dokyi
Single Cover Art for the song To Be Well by Oliver Ohene-Dokyi – Ood

The short story behind To be well (originally written as pitch text Amazon for Artist):

„Well being – truly responsible for how the energy that is circulating through me, I had to write lyrics around this and create a song with a mellow 70th soul feel. Helping lifeforms affected by covid19 to create a shift of energy to better and in a healthy constructive to integrate the viruses effectts into the growing in strength immune system probably has been the main driving force behind the creation of this song. So, I chose to only use a bit of drum playing, a bass, a piano, the semi-acoustic guitar ( later on effectified with plugins), lead and backing vocals that adf up with the flow and energy of the song.“

by Oliver Ohene-Dokyi Saturday, December  11th 2021 10:30 pm

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